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002 | Does My Child Have Autism

Finding out that your child has autism is on the top of the list of stressful events in your life. It comes with so many fears and emotions and grieving. When my daughter was diagnosed when she was 2, I had two thoughts, first I thought that she was going to be the “lucky” ones that autism wouldn’t affect very much, I also thought that if I worked hard enough, maybe I could cure her.

Whatever you are going through or have gone through getting a diagnosis of autism, you are not alone. It’s not an easy thing to hear, but I have learned that autism can be the very best part of your child. If we learn how to embrace their differences, they will grow up celebrating their difference instead of being ashamed of them.

I wanted to add a couple of links for anyone who is in that stage of uncertainty or research. There is so much to learn about and so many conflicting pieces of information.

Explains the different types of Autism

Autism Support Of Westshore

Resource to learn about Aspergers and the function of autism

Asperger Experts

Sensory definitions (common in autism)

According to the Childmind Institute

Online Test for determining if your toddler COULD be on the spectrum

Autism Speaks


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